Midnight amusement park

Last night was a roller coaster. I came home from school 195, which is high for that time of day. I corrected, ate dinner, ran errands, and when I checked again I was at 223. So I corrected, and corrected, and then was 79. After my shower I checked again and I was 45. I corrected and went to sleep and woke up at 225. That’s when I decided that maybe its a faulty site. So I changed sites and ran to school…lets see what my numbers are when I get home.


And then it got worse

I woke up this morning feeling sick.
I must have used an entire roll of toilet paper to blow my nose.
I got a 77 on my chemistry test.
I left school early to go to sleep because I was really feeling sick.
I found out we have a history test tomorrow that I need to study for. And just when I was getting ready to go to bed and I thought my day was over, I got this:


a picture says a thousand words, so no need to explain. And no need to mention that I’m on my last vial…

Week 3

Time is passing really quickly. I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd week of this self-created challenge. I would love to report that I have a 120 average recorded for last week. But I don’t. Its 132, and that’s close enough. This week will Gd willing get me to my 120 goal. This morning I woke up at 109 and had pretty good numbers throughout the day. I’m a bit under the weather, so that may effect somethings, but I think it’ll be alright 😉

Contacts and diabetes

I got my first pair of contacts a few months back, but I didn’t really wear them very often. I just got a new order on Friday, and have pretty much been wearing my contacts straight. I couldn’t help thinking if the similarities between contacts vs glasses and syringes vs. pump. I’ve been a religious pumper for almost two years now, with only an occasional break of a day or two. I love both being connected and detached. Aside from the size, I love my ping. She’s usually pretty loyal and predictable. So that’s like wearing glasses. I know how I will see and look while wearing them. But sometimes I just want to feel appliance free. Like when I was walking home from school today and felt like I had perfect eyesight. No plastic on my face…just natural human. (Except not really, cuz there’s a piece of plastic stuck to my eyeballs. But for all intents and purposes, and for an onlooker, I was free.) That in my comparison would be living on syringes and long acting insulin. You prick once in the morning and you’re covered for the day. ( Of course you still need to bolus, but lets say ur going for a low-carb day.) The con of that side is that its set. No taking it on and off and changing for your outfit…its set. So I have my days for each of them, and I am thankful for all the options available to us today.
PS- when is the new Animas coming out??

Emergency Twinkies

I don’t bring my meter to school with me anymore. I know, I probably should, but I don’t. I check right before I go, cover [if necessary] as I eat, and then check again when I get home. I usually stay pretty steady throughout the day-if all goes well. But then that moment comes. Sitting in class and I start to sweat like mad. My notes get all scribbled and my feet start to feel cold. I start getting “the symptoms.” I dig into my backpack, and my hand comes out blank. I try again, this time using not just my sense of touch, but of sight as well. Still nothing. By this time my brain is screaming, “Find me some sugar-PRONTO!” At last I touch gold. Something hard and cylinder-shaped is in the bottom of the bag. I take it out and pop it into my mouth…that precious pack of twinkies.

Note to self: gotta restock the sugar stash…

No news is good news :)

And agaaaain, no news is good news. 🙂 In case you haven’t noticed, I usually post at night (aka right before falling asleep). The past few days have been super busy, and therefore there’s about 15 seconds from when I get into bed till I’m out cold. But you know, thank Gd. In the past 3 days I’ve only had one over 200. That’s an improvement! Today was amazing…127, 80, 120. It puts me in such a good mood when I see such perfect numbers. I pray for days like this everyday. I hope the rest of the week continues like this, and Gd willing my average will be 120. 🙂

Week 2

Last night was one of those nights where I sat up for hours reading sixuntilme.com. Kerri writes her life as it is and it’s comforting to see other people in the same situation as me.
I woke up this morning inspired to have an awesome week, and with a wakeup number of 114, that looked pretty promising. The day continued well, but then I got an unexpected 299. Where did that come from?? I corrected and it went down to 210, and then I corrected again and ended up with 74. Something I eat reacts differently than I predict, and I need to figure out what it is. Overall today was an ok average, and I hope for a better tomorrow 🙂