Cinnamon Challenge

Challenge number one is now history. Apparently it’s a lot harder than imagined to get a low average. And that’s even with checking 49+ times. I must say that by Sunday night my average was under 8. (But just under. 7.8 to be exact. But that’s good, because by the time Thursday night came around, that’s about the lowest I hoped for.) Funny, I just noticed that I’ve just subconsciously started a post using non American terms…just thought I’d mention. So now back to normal numbers. I wanted to be below 143. My average was 141. SCORE! However, that is still way above ideal. Like at least 20 points. That’s not even mentioning that fact that if 7.8 was the winning number, that means the losing number was way above that. Something like a 10? (180?)

That’s not really so cool. In an effort to really stuff in some good sugars 
(read: attempt to lower a1c), we created a second challenge. This time the minimum pricks is 56 times/week. That’s at least 8 times a day. And the reward?

Watching your cousin do a dare. After much thought, the dare that was decided upon was to perform the cinnamon challenge on a friend while on video. Both Cousin and I are going back to our respective homes, and therefore this reward needs to be something that can be done anywhere. Today was day one…a bit high but going ok. My worst number so far was 211. If everything stays below that then we’re good. 🙂 

The challenge is on!

May the best pump win 😉 


The race is on!

It’s been a week since the s(w)itch. Thank G-d things have been going pretty smoothly. My 7 day average is currently 150. (That’s 8.3 in Aussie language.) Being as I was off the pump, due to the s(w)itch, there were a couple unexpected and unexplainable highs and lows. Now I’m back on my ping, and Cousin is borrowing a 20/20. I’ve never used one or even seen it, so not vouching for that one…

There’s really no reason why my average isn’t much lower. Honestly I don’t check much during the day hours in which I am usually pretty stable, but I guess that’s the difference between a 7day average and a CGM. (Oh Animas corp! When is the Vibe coming out in the United States of America??) I need an excuse to help me do better, but self motivation only goes so far. So when Cousin suggested we have a match, I was totally game! Whoever has a better (AKA lowest) average by Sunday morning will be treated to a roll of sushi of their choice. I’m not sure who’s gonna win. I’m used to the ping and have been getting pretty consistent averages, while Cousin is new to the whole pump idea. On the other hand, he had keytones last night, and that definitely brings him down- at least by a little bit. So, I guess it’s a pretty even match.

There’s also an added part: BG must be checked 49x/week. That’s 7x/day.

I’m really excited about this challenge, and I don’t really care who wins. I just want everyone to be the healthiest possible. Because as much as we try to convince the world that our diabetes doesn’t define us, it definitely plays a huge part in our lives. A good streak of sugars contributes to a good day, a good week, a good mindset, and a good life.

I just got home from school and got a 207. I switched my inset and corrected 2 units. If all goes as plan, I should be doing well for the rest of the day.

Sunday, day 1 of the challenge, wasn’t amazing. Day 2 will please G-d be better, and the rest of the week will just be geshmak. I hope the race goes well. May the best pump win!



The S(w)itch

I don’t really know where to start. The past two days have been a whole new experience for me.
Its the first time I’ve ever -I repeat EVER- spoken to anyone with diabetes face to face, about diabetes. My cousin has been staying in my house the past few days, and the subject came up and sparked an hours-long discussion.
It’s the first time I’ve watched someone else eat up a kitchen while shaking because of a hypo.
It’s the first time I told any of my relatives that I have diabetes.
It’s the first time I’ve watched someone in real life proud to be diabetic.
Looking at Cousin I have this inkling of a thought in the back of my head that maybe I shouldn’t be so secretive about my condition. The thing is, we have very different circumstances. He’s had from when he was 6; that’s practically his whole life. I, on the other hand, only got diagnosed 2 years ago (to the day actually), so I’m already older, more responsible, and disciplined. besides, thats just my nature…

But moving on about the bracketed W:
As noted previously, I’ve been a consistent pump user for almost 2 years. While at times it does feel unnerving to constantly be connected to a mini I.V. drip, I love me pump. We get along great (most of the time. Unless Ms. Ping decides to pull a vampire cannula on me..but we wont even go there. Totally not the point of the post.) That means almost my entire diabetic life has been basel/blous/buttons. Cousin on the other hand has had diabetes for about 12 years now, and never once even tried out a pump. I tried explaining to him how amazing and how much control there is, but there’s nothing like doing something yourself. So, when he said that “maybe he’ll think about about trying it..nah, cant do it at night…nah, what if something happens and I rip it out..” but didn’t respond with a straight out NO WAY!! I pushed it. I pushed it and pushed it and now, I can say with some honest pride in my voice that we did it. He’s trying out Ms. Ping and I’m back on good ol lantus. (125, 128, 163, 184, back down to 96, 94 btw 😉 )
And he’s officially hooked. Called Uncle overseas last night and said that he wants a pump. He loves the Pump. It’s increedible and why did he never take the opportunity to get it earlier??
SO mission accomplished. I’m lending it to him for a bit longer. If being on my pump means that Cousin is getting better, controlled BG readings, then Ill let him keep it for as long as he wants. K, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but at least a few days…
Another piece of good news: Not only will he Gd willing be getting the ping, but if insurance covers, he’ll be starting on the VIBE!! before me 🙂 That means he has potential to lower his a1c by about 150 points…
I really hope he gets it and I’m so happy to have shown this to him.
And that’s the s(w)itch! 🙂


I had my first major midnight low. It was such a terrifying feeling to wake up all sweaty and just knowing that you’re low. My brain was in survival mode..get to the sugar-fast! I ate a banana, cake, icing, and orange juice before going back to bed. I woke up a few hours later at 290. It was a huge miracle that I woke up. How did that happen??
I really wanna get the new animas pump. Why is it taking so long to get approved?