two truths and a lie

A) I was traveling back to NY today and once seated on the 4 hour bus ride, noticed that my meter was no where to be found.
B) As I was unpacking I realized that both vials of insulin were chilling (no pun intended) in the fridges in my house. Just to mention: There were 6 units left in my pump.
C) I opened the dorm fridge to find a silver foil-encased vial full of insulin.
This post is titled 2 truths and a lie, so one of the above is false. It would have been a miracle to find that vial, but that would’ve been too good to be true. At 11:00 I didn’t know what to do. Thank Gd my bedtime number was 85, so I disconnected and turned my pump off for the night.
I woke up at 135 and reconnected with a lowered basel of .550 .I figured tht would last me at least until lunch time. My pump only buzzed at zero once I got home, so I called in a refill and went to pick it up.
Thank Gd I had a spare meter, so been using that. It’s a bit of a shame though; my numbers from yesterday would’ve helped my averages…
Oh weell. You win some, you lose some.

With a reefilled pump and spare meter, all is good…for now.


Pumped for the Pizza Man

Yup, Kerri Sparling, I stole that from you. That along with a bunch of other stuff that I’ve read on your blog. I’m a pretty religious follower, just by the way 🙂 

Well anyway, was reading your post last night and smiling. I love stories like that. They make the [blue] circle of diabetes oh so much smaller. (Just mentioning that I only recently discovered what the universal symbol for diabetes is…) It’s this unexplainable connection that happens automatically when you discover someone else with a busted pancreas.

Thank you for sharing, Kerri. 


Pleasantly surprised

It’s currently halfway through pesach [passover], which is a diabetic nightmare. The amounts of matzah and wine and grape juice and lack of varied rapid sugars and weird eating hours all contribute to this headache of a holiday. Now it happens to be that I personally love peasch;  the amount of healthy, raw, unprocessed fruits and veggies consumed is incredible. (And that’s in addition to my average of 2+ apples that I eat year-round.) So there have been contradicting feelings in my head during the weeks leading up to pesach, sort of detailing my love-hate relationship. I was imagining crazy highs and then plummeting lows. A week that was way beyond my control. There wasn’t really much that I could do to prepare. I looked up carb amounts for matzah, which wine had the least carbs, made sure there was plenty of grape juice available, and then prayed. Thank Gd my prayers were answered. 🙂

The first night’s seder was around 100, bar a 44 and then a 235. Nothing terrible. I realized why I went low: I was trying to be too smart and organized and ahead of the game. Matzah, as opposed to bread, is a bit lower gi, so while I still need to cover completely, I don’t need to do it in advance to ensure a good reading. (I’ve recently started trying to bolus around 15 minutes before eating. It encourages me to plan my meals instead of just eating whatever I see, and it prevents a lot of spikes. ) Combine the early bolus with a cup of wine and a good starting bg, and you get trouble. I took some grape juice and all went well. 

The second night’s seder went much better. Having learned from experience, I only bolused right before eating. I was 89, 99, 109. 130…I think my highest was 200. (YAY! 🙂 ) 

I did have a few surprises over the week, but for the most part it’s been pretty stable. My highest was 306, and I’ve had a couple of lows. My average is creeping up a little bit, so I guess even subconsciously the challenges were helpful 🙂 (Maybe we should restart…)

SIdenote on the challenges: Update: Cousin should be getting his vibe in about a week. Did you just hear that? VIBE!!! Like as in the new animas pump with integrated cgm!!! So yeh, while I’m super excited, that means these challenges will become nearly impossible to win….just saying 🙂 

Overall it’s been an amazing pesach- my most controlled yet. I hope the rest continues as such, and I’m excited for my next a1c test. It should be good 🙂 

D̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶L̶a̶n̶t̶u̶s̶ ̶

This is really from yesterday, but I didn’t have access to a computer, so I wrote it into my notebook. 

A pen of Lantus containing about 220 units sits usless in my purse. Every time I open my bag I notice the pen and think of what a waste it would be to just throw it out. (I’m American…these things cost money.) However, being that Cousin and I are currently on pumps, neither of us had much use for it. (And I don’t really know anyone else to give it to…)

At about 2:30 this past afternoon, my cartridge emptied out. Instead of refilling and attaching, I figured I may as well put the Lantus to use and give my leg band a rest. So I did. I wasn’t really eating too well yesterday and my BG was therefore a bit higher than target, but I just kept on correcting. I was 121 and hour before bed and 131 right before. Due to that 10 point increase, I had a feeling that the Lantus was probably a bit dead and I should just give myself a temp basal for the night. Just to be on the safe side, I set my alarm for 3 hours later, hoping to wake up. My logic was that if the Lantus was dead, the lowered basal would raise my sugars and when I wake up I would fix that. Instead I woke up, pricked, squirted, and groggily read a 52 in glowing orange meter light. 

Now there’s nothing like going down to the kitchen (especially ast 4 am ) expecting to see a bottle of OJ in the fridge and instead being met by a fridge completely devoid of liquid sugar. [Note: Low last night before bed. (the night after this story). Went down to the kitchen and found some orange juice. Drank half a cup-yay! Good self control- and barely noticed a change. Then I realized, mum must have diluted it for the kids…:/] On the side of the fridge I noticed a bottle of Coke. However, upon closer inspection I realized it was diet. At this point I was shaking and sweat was pouring out of me, so I went downstairs with some hope for better luck. What met my eyes was an entire fridge of soda-except every single bottle was diet!  The situation was getting pretty desperate, until behind bottles and bottles of fresca, I noticed a lone bottle of Israeli fruit juice. I quickly downed the cup and then came upstairs to eat the almond cookie I’ve been craving. [Not good hypo self control.] From there came the psychological need to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Almond cookie, lemon cookie, apricots, lemon sorbet..the whole deal. I was actually pretty good though and forced myself back to my room to wait for the low to blow over. 

It’s currently 5:21 and with pump detached and 185 BG, I think it’s time to rebrush my teeth and get back to bed. 

Nighty night!

[Note: I corrected 1.5 units for that 185. Usually about .75 of a unit gets lost while I sleep, so I figured that should wake me at a pretty good number. I woke up at 83. So contrary to my beliefs, the lantus is far from dead.]

Done with the easy stuff

This week’s challenge was slightly more intense than last week. 56 BG readings and an average of 131 by the time the phone call was made. The winning crown slid easily on to my head–and I thought that it would. I knew that I was keeping really tight control, especially over the weekend. I honestly didn’t think that there was much competition for this week, but one can never trust himself too much. Cousin did go down to 147- that’s quite a significant drop. So although I won, he worked harder. That means that the last of the planned challenges will be reallly tough; Cousin proved that he can do it if he tries. So yes, I won. That means I expect a cinnamon challenge video put up by the end of the week. (Unless I read one too many articles and fear the danger he is putting himself into. That will lead us to decide on a different dare…)

But next week will be grueling. The sky is the limit. There are no minimums or maximums; this week goes by points. 

Every number better than the competition gains you a point. For example: If I get 120 and Cousin gets 130, then I get 10 points. However, if I only checked 60 times and Cousin checked 72 times, then he gets 12 points and wins the week. That entitles him to a video of me doing the macarena for 10 seconds. With music. In public.

The logic: More checks = better average = better control.

There’s no way to know how well you’re doing when you don’t know what you’re competing with.  It’ll be tough. It’ll be awesome, May the best pump win! 


I didn’t realize

I didn't realize

I didn’t know what it would feel like.
I didn’t realize how much of an impact I can make by just being myself and trying my best.
I know that no one is perfect.
I know the feeling of looking at my meter and seeing 374.
I know the feeling of thinking that it’s gonna read 120, but the meter has a mind of its own.
I also now know the feeling of being able to share these. Of being able to talk about lantus and hypos just the same as talking about ketchup and painting.
I now know the feeling that comes along with sharing a disease and sharing the fight to beat it.
I must say, it feels pretty good.