The Day my Diabetes Disappeared

(Dont get too excited…he came back. )

Life was going at its usual quickened pace when all of a sudden my Diabetes disappeared. I had no idea where he went. I checked highs and lows, but there was not a trace of him anywhere. I ate at 100 and was 103 an hour later. I was popping pomegranate candies like nobody’s business, and then ultimately covering for fear of a major hypo. My numbers were spanking perfect. When Diabetes is around, things usually get pretty twisted and shaken and broken, but with Diabetes away this past Tuesday, life was a breeze. I was eating cheesecake and chocolate and staying around 105. I was bolusing a bit, but even after 20 minutes, BG reading was incredible.
I took off the pump that is a constant reminder of his presence in my life, and sat down at the dinner table to enjoy the holiday. I started to reminisce about  the days before Diabetes had charged uninvited through the front door of my house and  moved right in. I was enjoying the reprieve, but I knew it was only temporary. Diabetes was out of the picture, but I was waiting cautiously for his return. I know his personality by now-always hitting you when you least expect it. I was eating my salads and proteins and constantly checking for signs of my missing tenant. However, I wasn’t going to lose sleep over him. I went to bed at a comfortable 150 and waited to see what would happen.
In the morning I was 160- not too bad for being detached. Although I wasn’t mad, I knew that Diabetes had returned. Like an old friend, I welcomed him back with a worn but knowing face. As far as I know, he’s back to stay.

* I had a hypo (70) Monday night before bed, then corrected it (113.) I had detached my pump and fell asleep before reattaching. I woke up at 120 (and that’s after eating more than I should have to correct). I reattached my pump and lowered my basal, but was eating and correcting and correcting all day. By Wednesday things were pretty much back to normal..  :/


2 thoughts on “The Day my Diabetes Disappeared

  1. lonnierjones says:

    I had my Type 2 Diabetes and watched it disappear like a ghost when I decided I can’t be defeated. I am not letting it come back and it is my commitment. Well it is still here πŸ˜€ but I am glad it’s not making much of a mess. As long as I am active I’m pretty sure things will be good.

    Thanks for posting your odd-venture with Diabetes. I hope your normal day gets better and better. πŸ™‚

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