In my face

Its been a busy week. I wish I can say a perfect week, but there are rarely perfect weeks. Actually, I’d say almost never perfect weeks. There are just better days and worse days. My week has been speckled with just a few lows, and has been pounded with highs. I think my bg average the past few days has been higher than any other time in the past year. Yom Kippur went pretty well, and all I ingested was one little candy. However, as can be expected after a 25 hour fast, the glucose and insulin in my body sort of forgot how to get along. I think I’ve gotten over the eating on yom Kippur/using my pump on shabbos/doing things that don’t fit what is seemingly the right thing to do. So that part of yom Kippur wasn’t too emotional. But what has been playing with my mind a lot since then is the fact that my cousin is staying over. He is on a mission while at my house: to be as diabetic as possible. To wear his pump out AT ALL TIMES, to test in public, to speak about diabetes,  and to show me that its natural. That I should copy his way of doing things.
So I did. For the first time ever, I wore my pump out for an entire day. In and out of the house, around family and total strangers. It felt cool. I was walking down the street hoping someone would see me and say “Hey look! She’s diabetic too!”
I’ve been openly using my pump around my family, which is something I’ve never done before. They’re asking questions and I’m answering, because I’m tired of pretending to everyone around me that this doesn’t exist. I still dont know what will happen when I get back to New York, but at home, I’m going to be comfortable and happy. I think his little game is reaping success, and I’m thankful.
It’s freeing and entertaining, and while my actual numbers have been high and making me super frustrated, my family is able to be more supportive. Because they’re starting to know.

And you know what, pumps make you look cool 😉