Thank the good Gd

I have lots to write about today. I can start with my dexcom change that created a pretty awkward protrusion on my thigh after being in the same location for 20 days. Or maybe speak about my afternoon nap, amid which I woke up to my dexcom beeping. 44. With some insulin still on board. I ate a massive chocolate bar, and called my dorm counselor to bring me some ices. Or juice. Or anything…FAST. I was literally soaked through my shirt, and dreaming about eating candy in my sleep. After 2 ices, that chocolate bar, and a full cup of juice, I was at 80 with a slight up arrow, and went back to sleep. (Obviously that was followed by a wake up of 198 and an up arrow.) I can speak about some other things, such as the fact that I’ve spent the past while (maybe 2 weeks?) looking at a screen of red hills and blue valleys and not that much green in between. However, I’ll leave that for another time. Right now I’m just thankful that this is my lot. Thank Gd my parents, siblings, and friends are healthy. No one is going through chemo or counting their days. No one is complaining of starvation or crying of poverty. Each day is made up if millions of moments that we didn’t plan. Yes, endless highs can be frustrating, but it’s manageable. Thank Gd I live with people who appreciate me and care about me. Thank Gd school is not a struggle for me as it is for some others. Gd gives each person what they can handle. On the days diabetes is difficult, thank You for teaching me patience and appreciation for the days that are better. Thank You for the good times and the better times. I could not ask for a different life.


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